East Cobb, GA Newborn Lifestyle Photography – Meet Caroline

I met Caroline when she was five days new. She made the sweetest little sounds. She smelled like heaven. She was so soft. And when I went back to share all of the photographs at their ordering appointment, I really didn’t want to stop holding this sweet baby girl. 

 Since this session was in their home, I showed up a little early. I love spending time with the boys and seeing how their minds work as they show off their bedrooms and clothing choices.

 I think it’s pretty cool that there are photographs in almost every room of their house. Of these children. These children are growing up, seeing themselves large as life on the walls. An awesome affirmation for these little souls to know they are so very loved.

 Caroline had some serious yawns.

 And leg stretches. I love when they’re so new and snuggly. But their bodies are also getting used to not being so scrunched up tight and having the space to stretch their muscles.

 Once everyone was dressed, we headed outside to their backyard for more formal photographs. I’m looking at these photographs now and longing for the lovely weather and temperatures we had on this day almost two months ago. I love Wyatt. He’s so delicious. He’ll smooch his siblings and blog kisses with his palm in a heart beat. You can click here to see Wyatt’s photographs shortly after he was born. Almost two years ago.

 Welcome to the world, Caroline. You’ve got two adoring parents and two fabulous big brothers to keep you safe and loved.

 These sweet souls grow too fast and suddenly they’re out of diapers, climbing higher than you would like on the jungle gym at the park, and are getting too big to give you kisses before school. I promise you that while the days may feel long now, the years ahead are short. They are gone in the blink of an eye. If these photographs melt your heart and you’re expecting, contact me and let’s talk!