Newborn Session – Chicago Lifestyle Photography

When I was in Chicago almost two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a newborn lifestyle shoot in a Chicago suburb.  It’s interesting what they call suburbs these days, as it was an hour drive and there were highway signs indicating Iowa wasn’t far.  😉

The drive was well worth it and I loved that we stayed inside their home for the morning.  (I’m a bit of a wimp in temps under 75F.)

Being a photographer is such a privilege for me.  There is such a level of trust that my clients give me.  To let me in and see glimpses of their life.  Of their love for each other.  It’s a special place and one that I don’t take for granted.

I love the little interactions.  It restores my faith in humanity and erases the snippets of the evening news that somehow work their way into my facebook news feed (when I became a mom, I stopped watching the news.  now, facebook is my primary news source.  I rather like it that way).

Big brother was flapping open his blanket to cover himself up next to his little brother.  I loved watching how sweet he was to Brayden.  He would come over about once every ten to fifteen minutes to plant kisses on this baby’s cheeks.

Tired baby and fighting sleep before being laid back down for a morning nap.

This makes me wish I had more images of my own babies.  And me in the photographs.  So many moments gone, lost from my poor memory.

Putting sheets on a crib may not seem noteworthy.  But I loved that she chose to do this while I was in her home.  Just one of many parental tasks for taking care of our babies.  A snippet of life.  Of caring for the ones we love.  It’s hard for me to explain why this image fills my heart just as much as the others that seem more obvious for documenting the life of a family.  Perhaps it is because I don’t have any like this for my kids.  Either way, it makes me sigh.

Such little feet.  They grow so fast.

Before I left, I asked them if they would get close just to get some shots of the four of them together.

There was more smooching.

But it didn’t last long before one was thrown and flipped in the air. 

We ended with fits of giggles which rang in my mind over the hour drive back to the city.
Thank you, Denise and Jason for letting me into your home on this special Sunday morning.