Good Night, Grandma

This week has been hectic.  I came back from Chicago with hundreds more images to cull and edit from a newborn session.  Doctors appointments were fulfilled and a minimum amount of groceries were brought into the household as we sporadically planned dinners between baseball games and karate belt testing.   My Grandma had another heart attack, which seems to have become a weekly occurrence over this past month.  I spent 3+ hours in traffic yesterday afternoon to pick up my uncle from the airport and drive him up to my Mom’s and Grandma’s home.  She was in pain when we arrived and sleeping by the time I was heading out.  I kissed her on the head and chose to let her sleep.  My uncle woke her before I left.  I kissed her again, told her how much I loved her and good night.  This morning when I received a call from him at 7:30am, I realized what a wonderful gift he gave me when he woke her up.  She passed in her sleep this morning.

 My ninety four year old Grandma’s body and heart finally had enough and gave out.  She has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember; and thankfully, a constant in my children’s lives over the last 8-10 years.  From when I was six and ruined my Mom’s prized coffee table with finger nail polish remover and I called her to save me and pray for my soul that I would be allowed to live, to last week when I told her we are moving, my Grandma has always been such a positive force of support and encouragement in my life.   Over the last ten years since my Grandpa passed, dementia stole more and more of her memory.  In many ways, it was a blessing as heart attacks and other painful physical ailments were quickly forgotten.  Within hours.  And desserts were brand new.  Every time.  But it never stole her happy disposition.  I am thankful for that.   I am thankful my kids will always have memories of their Great Grandma.  I am thankful that up until two days before she left us, she was able to get around on her own and mostly without even her walker.  She was such a strong woman.  I hope I inherit her strength and health.  And my Mom’s grace for taking care of my Grandma for the past several years. I don’t care much for good byes.  I’m thankful my last words of parting were of love.

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