Month Of The Military Child (MOMC) At The National Guard {Kennesaw, GA Family Photographer}

This was a fun, fun day.  I was so thrilled to be asked to be a sponsor of this awesome event celebrating military kids.  Military kids are awesome (so are their parents). When they’re not mine to discipline, I have a hard time acting like the responsible adult.  This little one’s favorite word was NO and it was all I could do to not giggle at him.  I may or may not have been very successful at this.  Do you want to stand right here?  No.  Are you going to jump in the bouncy?  No.  Do you want to get your face painted?  No.  Do you like ice cream?  No.  He was awesome and I loved his focus on the word.  Such a little cutie.

 Since this was a fun, casual day out, we didn’t get all fancy and dressed up.  So sleeping bebes were left in carriers for sibling photographs.  Although I wish I could have seen this baby’s eyes because his siblings eyes were incredible.

 This little one was such a ham.  I was laughing at most of their shots as I went through them all because she was making so many different faces.  Between that and the black eye, I think she keeps her parents on their toes.

 There were all kinds of fun props brought by the wonderful organizers of this event.  Pom poms were thoroughly shaken.

 Omigosh.  I died with this child.  Doesn’t she just look like she’s the next poster girl for “I’m going to be in the Army when I grow up”?

 And then I died again.  Those cheeks!

 And again.  They killed me.  Over and over.

 I loved that families, friends and cousins joined each other for bigger group shots.  Hey Nichole?  Thanks for helping with this event AND serving our country.  You’re rad!

 I don’t have siblings and don’t understand this bond.   I stand back and just watch my own two kids interact and wonder what their relationship will be like in another ten, twenty and thirty years.  I could have watched these two and their third brother all day.  Such a kindness in their eyes and the oldest was so easy-going. 

 I had the pleasure of meeting Lori and spending an afternoon with her and a dozen other women a couple months ago on a farm in Douglasville.  She is an awesome soul and I was thrilled to meet her hubby and baby.  We need to get together again when Catherine has napped so we can get more photographs!  Mark?  Thank you for all that you have done for our country.  Your service means so much to me.

  I think we have another poster child here.  🙂

 Arrrrrrrrr, matey!  You may remember this cutie patootie from this session from a little over a year ago.  He’s going to be a big brother this year.  Logan and his parents all donned fake mustaches for some serious, I mean goofy shots.  But I liked this one best for eye contact, pirate hat and kerchief, Sponge Bob on the cheek and his shirt.  Such an awesome shirt.  Wendy, I hope you bought that in every size so he can keep wearing it for years to come!  😀

 And there were these girls with their daddy.  My heart melted as Dad was clearly unable to maintain any level of seriousness and the girls died in fits of giggles as they got tickled.  My heart melted.

 I am still overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for all that our service men and women give up and do for our country.  And in turn, what their kids and spouses endure throughout deployments overseas or domestically.  I am in awe of them.  Which is why I struggle to say thank you and make eye contact without tearing up or having them spill down my cheeks.  I was honored to be a part of this day in supporting all branches of our military and giving something back to over thirty families.