Alicia And Jonathan {Canton, GA Wedding Photographer}

This was an awesome day.  I was continually reminded why I love what I do.  The happiness that surrounds a wedding day is overwhelming.  From the little details of putting out cards and hanging banners to walking down the aisle, wherever that aisle may be.

 This particular wedding was very closely tied to tennis.  Jonathan loves the sport and is on multiple tennis teams.  In fact, when we were reviewing the slideshow and album together, he reminded me he beat my husband a few years ago and I was there watching.  I had no idea that was Jonathan until he brought it up.  He was just as polite then just out of college.  I love when chance meetings come full circle!

 While Alicia was tending to reception details, Jonathan was playing a tennis match.

 With his best man.  They won the match.  Woot!

I love watching all the details come together in preparation for the celebration!

 Tennis shoes for the bride and groom?  Yes please.

 Once the details were all tended too, it was time for lunch and getting ready for this big day.

    The necklace was a bit too long and disappeared in Alicia’s dress.  Her maid of honor saved the day in a quick shortening fix.  No sweat!

 Alicia and Jonathan wanted to do a First Look before the ceremony.

 They were ready so early that we had plenty of time for bridal party portraits before the ceremony.  Major fun together…Guys in tuxes on a tennis court! 

 I think if you’re going to get married on a tennis court, you should have some fun with that.  I got their bridal party and friends to help make this awesomeness happen.

 And then we went for a little hike at Rope Mill Creek.  Because we could.

 A shoe fell off.  A button was lost.  And the narrow walkway brought a quick return. 

 Hello cuteness.  Loved Jonathan’s little girl.  She was an awesome little flower girl.

 And a little hungry. 

  I always love the expressions during the cake cutting as discussions ensue about whether to be nice or a little pushy with the cake tasting.

 And then the party really got started.

 Thank you Alicia and Jonathan for letting me photograph your day.  It was downright amazing in every way.  I wish you two all the happiness and more to fill your days as you build a new life together as a married couple.

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