LOVE What Matters – I’m Not Interested In Who Shares Your Bed

02nd Sep, 2016LOVE What Matters

I’m not interested in who shares your bed or what happens behind closed doors.

I want to know who tells you that your dreams have merit. Who believes in them and reminds you of how wonderful those dreams are, even when you start giving up hope or that little voice tells you it’s all so impossible.

Especially when that little voice is taking over and telling you your dreams are impossible.

That’s when you need to hear it the most. That your dreams are awesome. To go chase them. Because you can do it.

Somewhere along our steps through this life, it is bound to happen. We’ve all been there. We start to give up hope.

We question our dreams.

Their worthiness.

Having a partner to hold our hand and tell us to ditch that little voice, pick up your chin, and “You’ve got this!” while looking in our eyes and knowing they believe that 100%….

That matters.

Tell me. What matters to you in your relationship?