Lifestyle Newborn Photography – Sam I Am – Born In Austin, Texas

There are only a few of my dear friends who have been pregnant in recent years to whom I have offered to fly over state lines and come photograph their new additions. It’s a bit crazy at the start adjusting to the newbie’s arrival. But Sara was quick to take me up on my offer and say, “Come! It will be a blow up bed. But come on out and we’ll make room!”

So I flew out to the frying pan known as Austin, Texas with three digit temps in the middle of July. I rented a car and listened to Mexican radio as the stations couldn’t be changed while driving. I showed up on their door step and I waited for Sara and David to return from a doctor’s checkup, ensuring that the c-section was healing as it should. And it was. I was with them for less than 48 hours and like most short periods with friends who feel like family, it wasn’t enough time.

I first met Sara in 2000, shortly before I got married. She was at the hospital when my first born arrived. She’s flown across the country to swoop in for a move. And for a celebration of a new decade. Sara is a rock; fully grounded in love, kindness, a salty vocabulary, and a fair mindset filled with humor. She married her high school sweetheart who is every bit as wonderful as she is, sharing in this parenting adventure with amusement, love, and it’s-your-turn-exasperation-because-I’ve-already-dealt-with-this-one-too-many-times. I have adopted Sara’s family, including her mom. They are my people and I adore them all.

While I brought my camera to make photographs, there are no posed portraits. These are the every day moments. Documented. In the thick of summer. In the newness of a third son. In the presence of Nana here for a few weeks from San Diego. In the start of a maternity leave that still have laptop logins to handle things on the work front. In the midst of summer camp for the elder two to wear them out and provide peace at home. In the inception of interrupted nights. In the beginning of a new adventure as a family of five, where the parents are outnumbered, and everyone is falling in love with Sam.

This is day 7 for Sam and what is happening with his family.

This happens when the almost nine year old asks to make pictures with my camera of the five year old and me. Bunny ears were the happening thing. We shall work on the eldest’s focusing abilities in the years to come. Right now, I’m so proud of him for capturing honest smiles.

I had no idea they sell fruit strips longer than a five year old is tall. But they do.

Sam woke up.

In the 80s, we gave each other bunny ears. In the twenty teens, we give ourselves bunny ears.

The days are long, but the years are short. These littles won’t be little long.

Dinner out. Everyone was packed up and into the SUV for awesome tacos. Sam was just along for the ride.

And the hot milk.

Five year old love is fierce and strong and gentle all at the same time.

This is day 8. It’s time to get the older two through breakfast and off to summer camp while Sam is sleeping in.

Nana getting her newborn fix. Swaying to the 80s music streaming through Pandora, or maybe another tune in her head. I adore this woman who has been through much, yet still embraces life with an open heart.

Out for a Texas barbecue lunch. I ordered a burger. Sam got hot milk. Again.

Sara and David. In the wise words of Jack Johnson, you two are better together. You’re good people. I’m so thankful to know you. To be invited into your lives and intimate conversations. To receive bear hugs and snuggles from your boys. To share meals and laughs and newborn moments.