LOVE What Matters – I’m Not Interested In The Numbers On Your Scale

I’m not interested in the numbers on your scale.

Or the size on your clothing tags.

They don’t seem like good qualifiers for human value.

Although, those numbers do seem to instigate shame and pain.

I’m not interested in those numbers that measure our size or shape.

I want to know if you do things that scare you.

I’m not talking about sky diving or hang gliding.

They don’t have to be big things.

They can be smaller things.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Speaking in a room full of people.

Crossing a creek over a fallen tree with no safety belt.

Or maybe a pipeline eight feet above rushing water at Roswell Mill.

Standing on tall ledges when you’re afraid of heights.

Maybe, to create a fabulous photograph of you with your sweetheart.

I don’t expect my people to climb to great heights in front of the camera.

But it’s cool when they do.

When they take up a challenge.

It’s cool to see adults do things for the first time.

So I’m not at all interested in the numbers on your scale.

I want to know if you’ll go on adventures and do things that scare you.

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What matters to you.