Sope Creek Paper Mill Ruins with the Entire Derenthal Family

I had the pleasure of photographing Bruce with his two kids over a year ago. It was a complete secret and one of the best because it was a Mother’s Day surprise for his wife Kristen. This time I was thrilled to photograph all four in this family and have Kristen along for the fun of hiking through the woods and down to the ruins of the old paper mill at Sope Creek!

Parents with teenage daughter, son, and family black lab standing in paper mill ruins in East Cobb.
Family of four standing close smiling and laughing.
Teenage brother and sister being silly and standing together in Paper Mill ruins doorway at Sope Creek in East Cobb.
Husband and wife standing together in paper mill ruins doorway at Sope Creek.

Can you tell who liked being in front of the camera? He didn’t mind climbing up on top of pillars, either.

Teenage boy sitting tall on paper mill ruins and smiling big.
Family of four sitting on shoals with their black lab at Sope Creek.

No teenage boys were harmed in the making of this image.

Teenage boy pretending to hang onto cliff by one hand far above the water of Sope Creek.

I love when families bring their dogs. They’re such integral parts of our families and so important to be seen in family portraits long after they’re gone. Tucker was a good sport, whether inserted with his people or just sitting alone.

Black lab sitting in sand on the side of Sope Creek.

I understand that Lindsey now routinely raids Kristen’s closet. Like teenage daughters do. They even switched boots mid-session during their outfit change.

Teenage girl smiling and standing with hand on hip in front of Sope Creek rapids.

A little scale for you to see just how large these old paper mill ruins are at Sope Creek.

Teenage boy sitting on pillar inside old paper mill ruins at Sope Creek.
Happy family of four standing together in woods near Sope Creek.
Family of four laughing while walking through woods in East Cobb.

You guys. I had so much fun with you. I love that you now have a second book filled with images of ALL of you. And a large 30×40 hanging in your living room to see every day. So much awesomeness!

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