One Year Birthday Celebration At Piedmont Park – Hudson Family

When a Mom contacts me and says, “I want to celebrate my son’s first birthday with family photographs. Can we do that at Piedmont Park?” of course, I say YES!

I love working in spaces where there is plenty of room to roam around and find different backdrops.

Change of scenery helps keep the little ones engaged.

And it gives my families room to interact and have fun with each other while not feeling like a big camera is right in their faces.

Or let their little one be the super star and steal the scene.

Do you have photographs like this with your sweet one showing the phenomenal bond you two share? Because you should.

Or a photograph with your partner that’s more recent than your wedding that you absolutely love? Because you should.

Or one where your family unit is just playing around and having fun? Because you deserve to have that, too.

But the real bonus? Sebastian now has a book where he can see these photographs and grow up knowing he is so incredibly loved. He’s got the photographs to remind him every day.

If you would like to make photographs that show your family at it’s best and how much each person is adored, then click the contact button and start a conversation with Kelley.