Minnehaha Falls Family Session In Minneapolis, MN With The Collins Family

I have known the Collins family for years. Our kids were in taekwondo together for several years.

Both of their kids have earned their black belts and multiple degrees.

While the kids were born in Atlanta, Jody and Greg were transplants from Minnesota and always dreamed of returning. The stars aligned and prayers were answered a little over a year ago. It didn’t work out for us to get together to make photographs in the only home these kids have ever known. But it worked out this past June when I was up in Minneapolis.

This is the look I got when I teased and asked if they wanted to make a lovey dovey kissy photograph like my engaged couples love. I might have been stirring the pot a bit.

The kids are loving their new schools AND all of the outdoor activities that are so easy to jump into in Minnesota in all seasons. I loved seeing them all so happy.

Can you feel the love? 🙂 We show it in different ways, don’t we? I love seeing the interactions of different families because there can be such a disparity in how love is shown. But it always feels the same to me. It feels like there is a safe haven to be yourself. To know you will find encouragement and support in what you want to do. Reminders to get back up when you fall and keep going. That you may not reach your goals on the first or second tries, but they’re so worth pursuing because the rewards will be big.

This was a fun hour long stroll around the Minnehaha Falls park in downtown Minneapolis. It was so good to reconnect with good people and delightful kids.

I will be back in Minneapolis in October and have room for two family or couples sessions. Contact me now if you’re interested in taking one of those two slots.