Newborn Twins {Woodstock, GA Lifestyle Photographer} – Morgan Family

I bet you remember this family.  I photographed them for the first time, just days after they found out they were pregnant.  And by the time I showed them their first round of photographs, they had learned they were pregnant with twins. These sleepy, sweet little boys arrived October 9th in the middle of an operating room with over a dozen people at the ready in case an emergency C-section was needed.  As it turns out, a C-section was not needed and these two arrived with no drama.  Micah was born at 11:41 pm weighing 6lbs 8oz and Jonah was born at 11:49 pm weighing 5lbs 12oz.

 I had the pleasure of photographing these boys when they were nine days new.  They barely made a peep and I was told that they were perfect angels and such low maintenance babies.  Yay for angel bebes!!!

 Dad is awesome at turning his boys into little burritos.  Love it!

 When you have new bebes in the house, and especially twins (I was told), changing stations are necessary throughout the house.  I loved that this was on the kitchen counter desk.  The barbies make it, don’t you think?

 Toddlers are busy things.  Kayleigh was constantly on the go during the couple hours I was in their home to photograph these boys.

In fact, she was driving circles around us.  And the kitchen island.

 FYI – Cribs are perfect hiding spots for toddlers.

 Omigosh.  Wrinkly newborn skin.  It melts my heart in an unexplainable way.

 When these two are placed in the same crib, they gravitate towards each other.  To snuggle closer.  The behavior of twins fascinates me.

Thank you Josh and Courtney!  For allowing me into your home and newly expanded family to photograph these sweet miracles of yours.  And letting me come back the next day when your oldest was out of school.  This past year has held so many changes and you all have taken it on with such grace and joy.  I think you’re pretty fabulous for the love you share.