Karate Atlanta – Intraschool Tournament

A few weekends ago, my kiddos competed in the bi-annual Karate Atlanta Intra-school Tournament.  We enjoyed catching the opening ceremonies where various schools’ Demo Teams competed against each other in front of the judges.  FYI – my kids’ school’s team won.  Go Roswell!

Following the Demo Team competitions, Mr. Maxwell Van Eck performed.  His martial arts skills, flexibility and overall athleticism are astounding.

My kids are recommended black belts.  Come March, they will test for and hopefully earn their black belts in Taekwondo.  This will be three years of hard work coming to an excellent reward.

These competitions are so awesome at creating experiences that my kids have learned from in opportunities that aren’t presented on a regular basis, if ever.  They were challenged to not only show what they have learned and practiced, but to spar in hand and foot combat, as well as with weapons.  Humbling lessons are delivered on how well, or not, one can defend herself.  Or himself.  Eye-opening opportunities on how far they have come, but also on how much they still have to learn.

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