The St. Louis Arch And Choosing Happiness

Over the last three months, I have had many conversations.  With friends.  And strangers.  They have told me stories.  Many side splitting, tears rolling down my face, laugh so hard I need to pee stories.  And just as many heart wrenchingly terrible.  Stories of the past.  And on-going nightmares lived every day.

Tales that were shared in kitchens, living rooms, classrooms or public parks; where wire taps were sure to not be found.  Stories that made me so thankful I only walk in my own shoes.

I took a moment to lie down on my back and kick up a leg to appreciate the sunrise under the arch.

The stories aren’t mine to tell.  But they have been incredible reminders to me about how I react to my own struggles and/or health issues.  That in spite of tremendous loss or unbearable non-stop daily pain and disease, smiles are chosen.  Grace is practiced.  These people and their perseverance amazed me.

These people have inspired me.  To live my life more fully.  To focus on the the good.  And they have reminded me there are so many wonderful stories that I can tell.  And look forward to telling in the coming year.  They have re-instilled my faith in humanity.  That there is more good, than not.  I love that. 

They have reminded me that things are not always what they seem.  Like these Arch photographs, something can look much different depending on where you stand.

This is the first time I have ever walked a full circle around the Arch to photograph every angle.  From every corner.  Near.  And far.  It is a massive beast.

Enjoy the rest of the photographs from my sunrise walk around the St. Louis Gateway Arch from yesterday morning.

this priest had his nose in a book and didn’t look up as he passed me. his lips were moving the whole time. soundlessly.

And lastly, I startled a couple of mallards out of the bushes.  They waddled ahead of me for awhile.  Nervously, watching me over their shoulders.  I might have ran after them before making this photograph.  In my defense, they never stopped to let me pet them.  I kinda think they deserved a little chase.

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