Engagement Photography Session In Saint Louis

I spent half of last week in St. Louis for a photography convention.  While I am constantly taking online training classes to learn more (I’ve always been a nerd. I never want to stop learning), I love getting in person workshops and hands on experiences.  The Shutterfest convention last week was filled with fabulous photographers and speakers who are tops in the industry.  I learned so much from them.
One of the workshops I attended was an engagement shoot.  I have been wanting to make photographs in a parking garage for the last year and was THRILLED when part of this shoot took off for a parking garage in downtown St. Louis.

This perspective made me happy.  I didn’t mind hanging over the top railing with my camera.  My gear is insured.  But when I put my iphone over the edge to send a pic to my honeys and show him what I was doing, I held on tight to my phone.  That made me nervous.  Go figure.
Oh.  And my new website rolled out.  I have a new domain now.  And my business name got updated with the county and state, too.  Go take a look! 
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