Summer In February Until I Return To The Tundra

We have been having some absolutely fabulous weather in Atlanta.  Also a bit crazy.  The obligatory tornado watches come with the change from snowing one day and 70s in the next.  But having the windows open in the house and car is making me happy.  As does wearing short sleeve shirts and no jackets. My kiddos are less than two weeks away from testing for their Taekwondo black belts.  They have one more boot camp session to get them ready, which is taking them through all of the form movements, fitness testing (they have to run three miles in less than 45 minutes and do a combination of 500 situps, pushups and punches) and written test material for belt color meanings.  The girl child is excited and has been studying every day.

 My honeys played in city playoffs last weekend with his mixed doubles tennis team.   He played well and won his matches both days.  But his team didn’t make it past the second day, which was disappointing.  This is our neighbor Jeanne.  She’s on Todd’s team.  She is an honorary aunt to my kids.  And she is officially THE best neighbor.  Ever.  When we moved in over a year ago, she brought us home made bread.  With flour she ground herself.  It was delicious.  She continues to spoil us with good food and a fabulous friendship.  My kids beg to go to her house and visit.  Sometimes daily.  I love her to pieces and am so thankful she is my friend and neighbor.

 Tomorrow, I leave these warm temps and fly up to Minnesota.  Back to the tundra for a few days.  Mostly to celebrate the birthday of a good friend, but I’ll be enjoying the added bonus of learning to knit a cap, time with other friends and going out to play with cameras while enjoying fabulous food that may make a new wardrobe necessary because all my clothes will be obscenely tight.   I don’t think this week can get any better.

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