Foggy Hike Through Our Woods

When we woke up yesterday morning, it was so foggy outside.  We couldn’t see through the trees in our backyard.  Since my honeys is on vacation this week, he didn’t need to sit down at a desk and agreed to go for a hike with me.  He made coffee and I grabbed my camera.  All the hounds rushed out the back door with us, but Ruby stuck close and waited to make sure we would be going down the stairs.

 The boys are more fickle.  They rush ahead.  Then they wait and watch while we pass.  Then they rush ahead again.  Dylan is on the left, cleaning his nose while Poe just grins at me.  He’s normally the one who will smile at you.

 Once they were certain we were actually going for a walk, they all ran ahead to lead the way.  They’re so helpful.

 This is the last stretch of our property marked by the red lines before we walked onto Corps of Engineers property.  What I have learned is that if they lines wrap around the entire tree trunk, the property line is right there.  If the lines are only circling half of the tree, then the private property line is within ten feet of the direction the lines face.

 There are different spots along the trails where we must cross over trees or crawl underneath.

 I love the trees that grow out over the creek and form an L.

 The leaves on these trees will cling to their branches until the new leaves push them out in spring.  I love their creamy color.

 There is almost always the sound of trickling water to be heard on our walks.  I love that it is always nearby.  And throughout our walk, we were serenaded by birds singing.  And woodpeckers pecking.

 There was much moss to be seen across the forest floor and up the sides of trees.  The prettiest greens!

 The fog stayed with us for the majority of our six mile hike.

 We only saw one biker while out on the trails.  His back was covered in mud splatters.

 We hiked along Blankets Creek Dwelling Loop, which was a first for us to complete the whole 4.2 mile stretch.  The woods and the fog were very dense in some areas and open and bright in others.  It was such a beautiful hike!  If you click over to the SORBA Blankets Creek page and scroll down a smidge, you will see a map of all the trails.  Dwelling is the light blue that winds back and forth on itself and along the edges of Lake Alatoona.

 I loved that some areas seemed so welcoming and others were almost spooky.

 At some points, we were pretty high up and had nearby dropoffs.

 Spooky, right?

 During the last mile on Dwelling Loop, the fog started burning off and the blue sky could be seen.  It was so nice to see!

 It wasn’t until later in the day that it really warmed up.  The temps were between 38-46F while we were on our walk, but they reached up into the 70s during the afternoon.  We threw the windows open in the house!

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