Pursuing Creativity

Up until this past week, I have been slammed with work.  Since before Thanksgiving.  I thought Christmas would bring a break, but it was just one day.  And then I was back at it.  More ten hour days than eights.  A good solid two weeks of sixteen hour days.  It’s all good.  So much better when you’re doing what you love.  There was no complaining from me. But now.  There is a bit of downtime.  To catch my breath.  To revisit business processes, marketing endeavors, partnerships and all the other behind-the-scenes shtuff that goes along with being a business owner.  I’m all caught up with clients.  Deliverables are out.  Wall artwork has been delivered.  The canvas gallery wrap for this winner is now being printed.  Multiple wedding album designs are waiting for review.  Client satisfaction surveys have been sent (the one takeaway from corporate America I can stand behind.  there is always room for improvement and I want to know where I stand).  I received a few responses the day they went out.  They made my month.  I will share later. And.  To be creative.  On different fronts.  A friend taught me how to knit a week ago.  I’ve been knitting in the evenings ever since, instead of setting up blog posts.  And in carpool, when waiting to pick up my kids.  Knitting scarves for my kids.  Practicing stitches and different patterns for myself.  I have also been getting time on my torch again.  Playing with fire.  Melting glass.  All good things for clearing my head.  Renewing different creative avenues and new inspirations.

On another note, my cell phone took a swim this morning.  Because having the heat go out and pipes burst wasn’t enough fun this week.  If you need me, shoot me an email.  I still have internet.  And a sense of humor.  Thankful for both.

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