Hilton Head Birthday Weekend – Part 2

As soon as we got into town, we checked into our room, dropped our bags and headed for the beach.

We couldn’t wait to see the ocean. And only the girl child stopped on the tree long enough to pose for a photograph. I’m told she looks like me, but I don’t see it.

There were binoculars set up on the boardwalk to inspect the ocean. The kids were thrilled, especially since they didn’t have to drop any quarters to see the ocean better.

It was neat seeing their surprise over how close far away objects became in the binoculars.

My favorite part of going to Hilton Head for the weekend was seeing the kids play in the waves. And listening to the waves while feeling the sand wash out from underneath my feet.

We weren’t at the beach long when we saw a group of dolphins swimming back and forth. As I leaned into my honeys, we stood in silence just watching the dorsal fins of these creatures.  The kids couldn’t stop pointing at them. 

The sand. The sound of the waves. Watching the dolphins. Standing with my love. It was heaven. And thinking about it being heaven reminded me of how we used to watch Field of Dreams.  Repeatedly.  And how, for the first five to eight years we were together, we talked about moving to Iowa. Because that was also our heaven.

I wish I had audio to share with you. And to remind me of the sound of the waves. Because my memory is fickle and I forget so quickly.

On our last morning, we went back to the beach. To dawdle away several hours before hitting the road and driving home to rain storms. To soak in the sun and the waves and the pelicans overhead.

This last morning at the beach ended too soon, as much as I tried to make it last longer.  We weren’t on the road for even an hour when I was opening my Days Until app on my phone to see how much longer until our next getaway. When we hit the road for hundreds of miles and see faces we love and necks we hug.
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