Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

To the moms who are celebrated and appreciated today. And to the ones who feel undervalued.

To the ones who love this day and the ones who loathe Hallmark holidays.

To the ones who stay up all night with sick little ones and the ones who worry all night if you’re making the right choices.

To the moms who kiss the hurt fingers and the ones who hold the older ones tight as they experience their own heart aches.

To the moms who are able to be at every school play, soccer game, and mornings for mom at school. And the ones who have to work through them all.

To the moms who gave birth to your darlings, the ones who adopted, the ones who married into the position, and the ones who were claimed by adoring youngerlings thankful for your attention, guidance, and love.

To the women who have only fur babies.

The ones who have hearts full of love to share.

To the ones who will jump into photographs with your children. And the ones who don’t want to be in photographs because you don’t like the way you look.

For your children’s sake, please jump into photographs. So when they are grown and you are gone, they have something to hold. Memories with you.

Whether it’s phone selfies, handing off a point + shoot camera, or making an appointment with a professional, get yourself into photographs with your children.

Years from now, there will be many who are thankful.

For all that you are doing now.

{photo credit of me with my chickadees thanks to the lovely Blue Lily}

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