Ashley + Garrett – ENGAGED! – Roswell GA Engagement Photography Session

These two met when working at Copeland’s in Kennesaw. Garrett was in charge of making the schedule each week. Guess who always seemed to have shifts working at the same time?

Like most of my couples, these two gave me big warnings in advance that they are awkward in front of the camera.

And like most of my couples, I found out they don’t know what they’re talking about. 😉

They weren’t awkward at all.

And for the most part, they completely ignored me.

See how they turned their back on me up there?

We walked up past the waterfall and were incredulous that people were walking over the top of the dam. Water up to their knees or above. The water was fast with several weeks of rain leading up to this day. We did not attempt to join the crazy people and stayed out of the water.

Now I’m getting the itch to find a kayak and head out on the water. We are getting such wonderful weather in Atlanta! I think we’re all a little giddy about the sunshine after so many weeks of rain.

I love when clients will be silly. And when they’ll play along and take conversations to the next level. Like Garrett and Ashley were having THE most amazing day. Ev. Ver. And then he saw something he just needed to point out to Ashley. So she’d look and smile. When there was absolutely nothing over there to point at on the side of the boardwalk.

I also love when clients trust me to be creative. To take photographs that don’t always include their faces.

And are happy to take time to play with different lighting. So the middle of a sunny afternoon looks like night.

We still get the traditional shots because of the location. If you’re at Roswell Mill and in the covered bridge….it’s kind of mandatory.

But then they are up for more and we head up to street level from the old mill.

Because how can I say “No” to people who are having a fabulous time and WANT to make more photographs?

I can’t. So I pull out my lights again and change the color of the walls while they laugh it up before we keep walking and find good windows for reflections.

And ponder the meaning of the universe while holding the one we love most really close.

So I held my camera. Because it would have been awkward if I had tried to hold Ashley or Garrett.

And we found a nice grassy spot in the shade to hang out for a little while.

I love big trees and photographing people under them.

It makes me feel like this tree has been around for much longer than me or anyone in my family. Yet it’s still standing and growing, in spite of the storms that pass through.

Perhaps some of that strength and the strong roots will soak into our bones and souls, so that we may have the same strength and stability in our own relationships.

These two are busy, as they plan a move and a wedding in the coming year.

I’m so glad that after rescheduling their engagement session due to rain, we got such a beautiful sunny afternoon together.

To just have some downtime from the normal responsibilities in life.

And to appreciate each other a little more. To whisper in each other’s ears.

And to hold hands and look fabulous together while walking like pros on an old city street.

Thank you Ashley + Garrett. I had so much fun with you two making your engagement photographs!!!
I’m so thrilled that you loved them and can’t wait to put a big piece of wall art in your hands!

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