Muscle Shoals High School Senior Photographs – Emily W

A few weeks ago, I packed up my minivan for a little overnight trip and drove out to Muscle Shoals, Alabama for a last minute senior session with my cousin.  The stars aligned with my kids school break, calendars and weather.  The five hour roadtrip was a breeze.  Yay for good books and clear skies to make for a perfect day! I had fun shooting in new locations.  We drove ten minutes out of Muscle Shoals and landed in Florence, AL where there were awesome bridges and bluffs and a river that we shot on, around and under.  I loved that Emily brought her all silk kimono that was once worn by a geisha woman in Japan.  I’ve never seen a real kimono in person.  There was so much fabric!  

 Zomigosh.  Her.  Eyes.

 This girl plans on going to school to become a neonatal nurse.  I think she will be perfect for taking care of those babies born way too early and helping put their parents at ease.

 Thanks Emily, for having me do your senior photographs!  I had a great time seeing your town and photographing you in your Muggle shirt and kimono.  So fun!