Matt And Mike Are Getting Married

I had the pleasure of photographing Matt and Mike two years ago when we were in Minnesota on our family summer vacation.  Matt is a fabulous graphic designer and small business owner worthy of major clients (think Fortune 100 company golden arches worthy).  I have a mutual friend to thank for introducing us and will forever be appreciative to Matt for designing my Pear Tree Photography business logo. 

 When I first met them, they were building their dream home (seen behind them).  It was one of the first homes built in their now full and beautiful neighborhood and received major recognition from the state for its energy efficiency and green rating.  Some of my photographs of Matt and Mike were used in a Minneapolis Parade of Homes magazine.  Which is all pretty awesome. But what is more awesome is that since Minnesota passed a marriage equality law in May, these two can now exchange vows and be legally recognized as a married couple.  So after twenty two plus years of being together, they will place rings on each others hands and say, “I do” in front of a growing crowd of people.  As I see their wedding inspiration Pinterest board grow with ideas and wishes, I get more and more excited.  The amount of time and planning they are putting into making this special day absolutely extraordinary is amazing.  As it should be.  Marriages should be special and sacred and celebrated.  From the very start. I was so honored when I received their email asking if I was available.  I might have been jumping up and down excited.  For days.  For two people, who have been together for more than two decades and know the challenges and joys that go along with a committed relationship, I know they will not be taking this day or ceremony lightly.  Which, I think, makes it all the more special. Matt and Mike?  Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer.  I am counting down the days!