Blairsville Family And Senior Photographs – The Websters

This was likely the last summer with their boys home. Cale graduated from high school last year and has been attending KSU. Soon, he’ll be leaving for international studies program in Europe. Camden will graduate from Woodstock High School this coming spring and then be off to college. Anita and Brent wanted family photographs that were overdue, as well as photographs of their boys at this time in their lives. The image above is likely the most realistic of these two, although they were good and kept phones put away throughout the entire session.

High school and college brothers grinning in park with arms around each others' backs.
High school senior boy sitting on bridge and smiling
College freshman boy looking away from camera
Two parents and two teenage sons standing together in woods next to a creek.
High school senior boy standing in the middle of a creek
Two parents standing with their teenage boys in front of a bridge and creek.

Although making photographs is typically low on the list for boys and men of fun things to do, it always makes Moms happy. Always. Moms want photographs of their boys and men. It makes them beyond happy to see their images around the house. When getting into the car and driving away, Anita’s boys told her that it was better than they were expecting and they might have had a little fun. That sounds like a high compliment to me, coming from teenage boys.

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