Post Wedding Couples Photography Session In Tampa, FL – Katy + Nick

Some time after Katy + Nick hired me to document their wedding day at Mountain Park in Roswell and before they got married, they moved to Tampa. And since I absolutely love seeing my couples reactions to their wedding day photographs…a trip to Tampa was 100% necessary. I can’t not see how my couples react to all of the images after putting dozens of hours of time into choosing the best ones and editing them and anticipating how much they will love every photograph.

Young married couple dancing in front of Tampa theatre

I love Tampa. The architecture. The city scapes. The proximity to the beach and hearing the waves. Driving down from Atlanta to return a wedding day seemed like an awesome job perk!

Husband kissing his wife on a parking garage outpost.

When I reached out to Katy + Nick to let them know I was ready to put their wedding day back in their hands and would be coming to Tampa to do so, I asked if we could make a few photographs around town. Visit the city block around Tampa Theatre. Hit the Riverwalk. Maybe drive out to Clearwater Beach. They said, “Yes!” Squeeee! I love when people say, “Yes!”

Couple dancing in crosswalk in front of Tampa building mural

My people. They’re addicting. I always want more time with them. Especially after wedding days. When I’ve been there through some of the most intimate moments. Documenting tears sliding down cheeks. Including Princess Bride quotes about mawwiage to kick off a wedding ceremony. Wedding day portraits complete with dum dum lollipops. Wide open arms while singing at the top of your lungs, dancing, and celebrating the start of a new marriage when grandparents either joining in the dancing or quietly watching from the side. Hugs and laughter and relief that all the planning was good. And more relief that even with a few hiccups (proceeding with an outdoor ceremony in spite of a torrential downpour during the set up of the day), it all worked out. Happiness abounded. And two high school sweethearts became married people.

Wife resting her chin on her husband's shoulder at beach boardwalk

Similar to wedding days when things don’t always go as planned, so did our evening together. We got a later start than anticipated. But there were wedding photographs to look through! The Riverwalk got nixed. Traffic out to Clearwater Beach was insane, so we pivoted and chose a different beach that appeared to have less traffic on the way. Parking at that beach was insane and included circling the parking lot for awhile. Yet we made it. We found different backdrops and had fun. And the day ended with the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico and warm water hitting our feet on a sandy beach.

Wife leaning on husband and laughing

After the wedding is over, working together is the same. Yet different. It’s more relaxed. The hard parts are done. The stress is gone. It’s just having fun. Dancing in crosswalks. And melting into each other at sunset.

Couple in silhouette standing on Gulf of Mexico shore at sunset.

Katy + Nick. You are old souls in young bodies who have made what I do even more enjoyable because of who you are. I can’t help but look for you when walking through Kroger since I’ve happened to bump into you there before. I’m wishing you all the best as married people!

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And if you’re interested in a couples photography session, whether in Atlanta or Tampa, contact me!