Atlanta GA Cambridge High School 2015 Senior – Caitlyn

Caitlyn’s confidence and intellect were obvious from the first time she reached out to me. FYI – she contacted me directly about her senior session. She’s a girl who knows what she wants, makes a plan, and goes after it.

She brought her boyfriend along on the session and he was key in standing behind me and throwing Caitlyn into head hanging fits of giggles.

Caitlyn was all about attempting any and every suggestion. Which included standing on top of this old dam while balancing with fancy footwork.

We played on the rocks in the water.

She changed clothes and we moved to a different location with the most gorgeous light!

Check out her hair catching the sun!

We wandered. We found old ruins covered in graffitti. Caitlyn was drawn to the orange and blue eye in the lower right.

Caitlyn has a fabulous laugh. I wish I had audio for you.

Yes. Let’s keep this a place for art.

Caitlyn loves yoga and wanted some killer yoga poses in the most non-traditional location. So when we found a tall stone pillar with an uneven top to test her balancing skills, it was the obvious spot to tackle.

Well done, Caitlyn. My stomach still hurts looking at these photographs, imagining how difficult this was for you to pull off. Well done, I say.


We got a few photographs in her prom dress, although the rest shall remain private. I will only say it was quite stunning.

And then we wrapped up with rock n roll shots.

We wrapped up after dusk inside an old silo. Complete with jumps and rock + roll hands.

Caitlyn? I’m so glad you wrote that long email to me at three o’clock in the morning. I had an absolute blast with you making your senior graduation photographs!

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