Quinita And John’s Engagement Session In Anniston, Alabama

When Quinita first reached out to me, she had my full attention. She shared that she and John were high school sweethearts. And. That they had both lost integral family members in their youth. She talked about her Dad not being at the wedding, or John’s sister. I couldn’t imagine how that must feel, but it brought tears to my eyes and churned my stomach thinking about their loss.

Quinita told me how John played football in high school. And while she was a cheerleader, she cheered only for basketball because it was so important to her to be able to watch John on the field at every game.

We had inititally talked about finding a football stadium in Atlanta for their session. But then Quinita moved back to Anniston after graduating from college and landing a job in Birmingham, Alabama. It seemed appropriate that we make their engagement photographs in the football stadium where John played.

I love that she wears his jersey.

Their football has their wedding date!

They tossed the football back and forth for a bit before we drove over to downtown Anniston to walk around an alley for more photographs.

I love that they hold hands when walking together.

We walked around an alley and found old booths, exposed bricks and eroding plaster, and fun fire escapes.

I loved the sign Quinita made for their engagement session!

And the flip side…

See? Fun fire escapes. This totally reminded me of the last scene from Pretty Woman.

Omigosh, she’s excited about getting married. LOVE IT!

We walked over to the courthouse. Such great arch ways and columns.

If it’s not obvious from the photographs, John is a quiet man. I suspect that is not the case when he’s watching a football game. But with the love of his life, I believe he has a quiet, steadfast love for her. The way he watched Quinita and held her gaze was so filled with love and acceptance.

As sunset was approaching, we drove to a high spot in town on an empty lot. John was in charge of ensuring we had a beautiful sky. I think he did well. The day ended with beautiful colors and a close embrace.

Quinita + John. I’m wishing you the best that life and marriage has to offer.
May you always find strength, patience, support, and most of all, love, in each others arms.