Family Photography Session in East Cobb at Sope Creek with Ashwini, Rohan, and Their Two Boys

I love family portrait sessions. Especially with families I’ve never met before. There’s always a new level of excitement in the air.

What will this family be like? Will they be quiet and reserved (no) or quick to laugh (yes)? Will the kids be crazy and running all over the place (not this time)? Or will they be stingy with their smiles because they’re suddenly self conscious over missing teeth (yes)? Will they hold hands when walking through the woods (yes)?

But mostly. How do they love each other? Do they hold each other close (yes)? Do they smile when talking to each other (yes) and not just when looking at me? Do the boys genuinely like each other (yes)? Will one of them rat another out for stinkiest feet (yes)? Will the temptation of jumping in the water win out (no)? Will they get me smiling and laughing with them (yes)?

Mom holding her little boy's hand as they walk through the woods with autumn leaves on the ground.
Two brothers holding each other close at Sope Creek mill ruins.
Family of four standing together in Sope Creek Mill Ruins.
Young boy in blue blazer and jeans, standing and smiling in Sope Creek mill ruins.
Family of four standing on shoals at Sope Creek.
Family of four standing on shoals at Sope Creek and smiling at each other.
Little boy in bow tie and pink shirt smiling sweetly at Sope Creek.
Two brothers dressed fancy and smiling sweetly while sitting next to each other at Sope Creek.
Family of four standing inside Sope Creek Mill Ruins on a fall morning.

Ashwini + Rohan. Thank you for sharing your sweet boys and this lovely fall morning in November with me. I loved our time together!

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