Piedmont Park Atlanta Engagement Session – Angela + Duran ENGAGED!

Angela + Duran will be saying, “I do!” before the end of the month and they couldn’t be more excited.

They have gone through pre-marital counseling at Peachtree Christian Church and said it was a great experience.

I asked about the best piece of advice they received from their pastor. Angela said it’s to remember that you are 100% in control of yourself and 0% in control of your partner. That it’s not your responsibility to control your spouses actions.

It was so much fun seeing Angela’s reaction to their engagement photographs.

She said she remembered exactly what they were talking about in each image.

Why they were laughing.

These two were high school sweethearts.

I love high school sweethearts.

There always seems to be a different comfort level with these couples.

I’m still working on putting my finger on what it is with them. But I think it comes from growing up together.

Seeing each other change from awkard teenagers to mature adults handling all the responsibilities that go along with adulting.

I think there’s a deeper appreciation for each other when knowing so intricately where the other came from in life.

I loved working with you two! May you both always find your way back together through the challenges and remember how important you are to the other!