Piedmont Park And Rhodes Hall Engagement Session – Amanda + Jake ENGAGED!

Amanda + Jake are the sweetest.

We met at Winn Park just a couple of blocks from Piedmont Park.

They brought their puppy Mickey. (He’s not really a puppy any more, but I call all dogs puppies. Even when they’re over ten. Because they have soft ears.) He was the cutest!

They brought along a sign announcing their wedding. Excellent pre-planning you two!

Mickey did a fabulous job showing off for the camera. And his parents might have made comments that the other loves Mickey more.

I loved all the little spots throughout Winn Park that were so beautiful and different. Rock pathways, steps, and walls. Hanging wooden swings. Park benches. A mini-waterfall and little ponds.

I also love that Amanda is living her dream. Working with chronically ill children and making a difference in their lives.

It’s not often that I meet others who are living their dreams.

We finished up at Winn Park and then Amanda + Jake changed up their outfits before we headed over to Piedmont Park for a brief visit to get a better view of the Atlanta skyline.

We found a little dock along Lake Clara Mead and they danced and twirled.

I love how still the water was and the reflection of the Atlanta skyline in it!

We couldn’t stay here long as we needed to book it over to Rhodes Hall where they will be getting married next year. There was a small window for us to be able to go up to their rooftop (supervised, of course!) and make more engagement photographs.

There wasn’t much room up on top of Rhodes Hall, but we made it work.

It didn’t feel as high as I expected it would. But it was difficult for me to hang over the edge to make this photograph.

We spent a little time inside, but couldn’t make photographs in the entryway or the curved staircase. Another couple was practicing with a drone in that area. The drone was going to be their ‘ringbearer’ in their upcoming wedding ceremony.

Love the archways on the front porch of Rhodes Hall!

And the rounded front of the house. Love this old Atlanta architecture!

Amanda + Jake? You were most excellent to work with on this not incredibly sweltering Atlanta morning. I’m so glad you brought Mickey along, too!