Peachtree City Engagement Session – Joshelin + Sean ENGAGED!

Meet Joshelin + Sean. And their two puppies.

The morning started off incredibly overcast.

We took Sean’s parents’ floating dock out into the middle of Lake Peachtree for a bit.

And then we headed back to land to grab the golf cart and drive all around Peachtree City.

We drove to the library and they danced in front of the fountain.

I asked them to be serious, but you can see how well that worked. 😉

I would have thought with Sean’s military background that he could have pulled it off better, but Joshelin knows him too well.

I think these two are going to be dancing machines at their wedding later this year when they exchange vows in Savannah.

All of the golf cart paths and streams running throughout Peachtree City means there are plenty of awesome bridges around town.

At various points in my engagement sessions, I will ask my couples to walk. Some can handle the task and might be rated Professional Walkers. And others, well some others tend to trip at the same time. Ahem.

I think these two will always be ready and waiting to catch the other and pull themselves back up when one stumbles.

While these two weren’t high school sweethearts, they had crushes on each other since middle school.

And they had the same comfort levels with each other that I see in high school sweethearts.

There’s just something that is a little different with couples who have seen each other graduate out of the awkward teenage years into adulthood.

It feels like a different level of acceptance. Of knowing the other.

It feels safe. Like there are decades to come filled with enjoyment and laughter.

It was at this moment, I was envisioning these two old and wrinkled. Watching grandkids play. And talking about their adventures.

After visiting the high school, we stopped for a quick outfit change into UGA duds and then went to the middle school where they first met.

There was more horsing around. Such troublemakers.

Have I mentioned before that I love troublemakers?

Joshelin + Sean. I am wishing you all the best on your adventures as you become married people. World travel partners. Parents. Adventurers.