Kelly + Steve – ENGAGED! – Roswell GA Engagement Photography Session

We almost called off this engagement session. There was nasty weather circling around in both of our towns. Severe weather alerts were coming through on my phone that there was serious hail coming down nearby. But we all made the drive to Roswell Mill on this Friday night and found upon arrival, that the skies had cleared up.

It was sweltering hot out, but they looked fabulous all dressed up as we walked along next to the waterfall near Roswell Mill.

Kelly found a talented Etsy seller who made this great sign for them!

Much of the time, these two were in their own world and not paying any attention to me. Which was perfect.

I love learning how people meet and fall in love. And when there’s a good story surrounding the proposal, it’s even better.

Kelly and Steve met through mutual friends in their workplace. There were external events that involved bowling and karaoke. Steve knew almost immediately that Kelly was THE one for him.

Steve is a story teller. And was constantly telling me, “But wait! There’s more!!”

These two had been talking about marriage for months. They had looked at rings together.

Vacations came and went. Kelly was expecting him to propose on various occasions, yet he didn’t.

Steve had been trying for weeks on end to speak with his soon-to-be father-in-law to ask permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

But when you spend almost every minute with the love of your life, it’s extremely difficult to get that time alone on a phone call without it being obvious that you’re up to something.

Steve would call her parents and get voicemail.

Then they would call or text back when Steve was with Kelly again and he couldn’t talk.

This routine went on for weeks. These two went on a trip to Las Vegas and he started joking that they should just go ahead and get married while they were out there and Kelly surprised him by agreeing to just do it!

Steve knew he would be proposing to Kelly while they were in Las Vegas and was working out the logistics with management at a special rooftop restaurant. And so he backed off and said he thought they should wait. Parents would be sad to miss out. They should spend more time planning.

He wanted to not raise any suspicion that he was planning on asking Kelly to be his wife over this getaway.

Meanwhile, he’s still playing a voicemail and text game of Tag with her parents.

And it came down to the middle of dinner when he got a text that her parents could talk. Steve excused himself to the restroom and called them. He blurted out that he loved no one in the world more than Kelly and he wanted to marry her. And many reasons why he could not live without her.

Steve’s request for permission was met with silence.

Which felt exceedingly long.

Followed by happiness and blessings. And maybe some tears.

Shortly after Steve returned to their table and dessert was served, an engagement ring accompanied the plate.

Kelly, of course, said YES!

She was completely surprised and had no clue that Steve had been planning this proposal.

Much like when he swept her off her feet and pretended to toss her into the water.

He’s a bit of a troublemaker, which created a ton of laughter, smiles, and hugs.

These two say they are constantly finding each other mirroring the other.

Even just sitting on the couch and looking over, the other is resting the same way in some odd, contorted position.

It was a long, long walk around the trails and over dangerous rocks and hills to get to the base of this waterfall. The breeze from the water churning over the dam and hitting the base felt sooooo good after sweating bullets to get there. Although, I think they made it a little steamy standing there holding hands and making out.

We soaked up the breeze and started heading back to the parking lot. Dusk was not far off when we came to this pipeline across the water. If we took our original path, it could have been another half an hour before making our way back to our cars. These two are adventurers and chose to cross the pipe well above the water.

It is not for the faint of heart. Especially when the water is moving fast from many recent rainstorms.

Once they were safely to the opposite side, I climbed up and crossed after them with all of my gear on my back. I tried not to look down.

We were so thankful the rain stayed away and we had a lovely evening at Roswell Mill for their engagement session. It was perfect!