Hair And Makeup By Katie Elle At The Goat Farm

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of shooting with my friend Chris of Chris Henderson Photography to feature the hair and makeup work of Katie Elle (404.316.3717).  Katie (she’s in the red, below) had rented out a couple of spaces at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta.  One was outside, which got nixed with the steady downpour and the other was in the Cafe/Library space.  

 This room was full of character, from shelves upon shelves of books, to turkey butts on the wall lit by crooked lamps to a rain pipe running through the corner.

 I was fascinated by this guy’s hat.  And mustache.  I thought they were both awesome.

 It was raining.  The whole time.

 Our three beautiful models each had their hair and makeup done by Katie Elle and wore one of her vintage wedding gowns that were just stunning.

 This one breathes fire.  Literally.  I’d like to photograph that one evening.

 Curls!  Omigosh, the curls.  If I could have a personal stylist, I would have these every day.

 I loved all the books. So many books.

 I had a fun afternoon shooting with Chris and watching him work. 

 These ladies were fun, too.