Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah Photographs At Ner Tamid In Marietta, GA

It is such an incredibly special time period in a young person’s life when they reach the point of their religious journey and celebrate a Bat Mitzvah.

The whole family is excited for them.

Sydney’s family was no exception.

The joy and excitement over this special event was palpable.

There also might have been shenanigans going on in the background with a penchant for photobombs.

There was continual laughter.

But with the laughter and excitement, there was also this overwhelming feeling of respect and awe over this passage.

Of carefully removing the Torah from the ark and not touching the word of God with anything other than the yod to follow specific verses written in Hebrew.

Of course we made the obligatory sibling photographs. Because Blare was thrilled to be celebrating this event with his older sister.

Once appropriately wrapped up, Sydney wanted a photograph holding the Torah before returning it to is safe location in the ark.

I love how you can see the shadow of the Star of David on the wall behind the flag of Israel.

Sydney wanted photographs of her lighting the candles and praying over them.

So I turned off my flashes in order to capture the candle light in the normal darkness of the Ner Tamid sanctuary.

Sydney also wanted her mom to pray with her over the candles for a photograph.

We went outside for a few family photographs.

But it was so cold outside and they weren’t dressed for winter temperatures that we quickly went back inside Ner Tamid.

As a non-Jewish person, I am so thankful for the opportunity to document such a special time in Sydney’s life. And to learn more about Jewish customs and traditions. Matt and Julie. Thank you for this honor. You all are wonderful people and I enjoyed working with you so much!

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