Signature Art Image – Meredith + Ryan’s Engagement!

08th Jan, 2016Signature Art

I think we had already used up our two hours together for Meredith + Ryan’s engagement session walking around the Atlanta beltline. But Ryan said he had rooftop access to the Atlanta skyline and I couldn’t pass that up. Seriously. How could I pass this up? Isn’t it an incredible view of the Westin and Skyview Atlanta ferris wheel?

We had a beautiful blue sky and plenty of wind, but no dramatic clouds to be seen. Not even a sweet cirrus cloud off in the distance! I’m thankful for the incredible skies of the midwest that my Signature Art Image Editor captures with her own camera (oftentimes from the same day as the session!) and combines with my photographs. Besides making the sky totally amazing, you can see that she used some Photoshop wind skills of her own to make Meredith’s hair behave. Double score!

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