Signature Art Image – Cha + Ryan’s Engagement!

04th Sep, 2015Signature Art

I love being able to surprise my clients. I love seeing their eyes widen when they first see the Signature Art Image from their session.

I can see on their faces that they’re looking at the image and wondering, “Is that really us?!”

The Signature Art Image is an incredible piece of art that is designed to make you catch your breath and will have your friends telling you, “What a gorgeous photograph! You look so amazing!!” when they see it in your home.

This particular Signature Art Image is a combination of these two originals. I needed the whole amphitheatre seating in front of the Taylor Brawner House in Smyrna with Cha + Ryan from this first photograph.

And I needed their interaction from this second photograph.

Check out Cha + Ryan’s engagement session at Taylor Brawner Park!

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