Professional Headshots In Woodstock, GA – Tony R!

What do you think when you see a profile picture on LinkedIn that was obviously taken with a cell phone in a restaurant or bar? What do you think when you see headshots of leadership or staff on a company website that aren’t in focus, are so dark you can’t really see what the person looks like, or have the look and feel of a 90s graduation photo?

If you’re thinking these headshots don’t look particularly professional, does it make you wonder about their competence? If the headshot is outdated, do you think the person is on top of current trends in his or her industry? What kind of service can you expect from them? Does a blatantly non-professional headshot make you wonder if they pay as little attention to the quality of care they deliver?

On the flip side, do you have a higher opinion of an individual who has a current and professional headshot? Do you feel like you extend a little more grace towards this person in day-to-day dealings if you have seen an updated headshot that shows a confident and approachable person?

Whether you’ve waited a year too long or you’re just ready to update your online presence, it’s nice to have a current headshot of yourself. Because it’s good business practice to show you are professional, confident, and approachable. And if you think about your answers to the questions above, it’s likely others feel the same when they see your headshot.

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