Professional Headshots In Woodstock, GA – Krishna C

Headshots are so important for creating a positive first impression. Sometimes it is your only chance to catch and keep the attention of potential clients.

You need to be able to show you are approachable, trustworthy, confident, competent, reliable, dependable.

Depending on your profession, you will want a more formal or less serious headshot.

Krishna is in the nuclear technology industry and maintained his headshot would remain serious. He had plenty of smiles for me until I raised the camera.

And I’m okay with that. It’s my job to make the headshot you need to professionally represent yourself.

But I won’t lie. I do enjoy the moments in between where your guard is dropped and I learn about what lights up your eyes and sets your soul on fire.

For Krishna, it was talking about his wife and little one.

He needed a new headshot without his mustache. The mustache that was shaved off at the request of his little one.

Contact Kelley if you’ve changed your outward appearance and now need an updated headshot.