Professional Headshots In Woodstock, GA – Candace S!

31st Aug, 2016Professional Headshot Photography

Sometimes a new hairdo is just the reason to update your headshot and online presence.

Part of building trust in your client base and networking contacts is staying current. That covers staying up on the latest trends in your industry, but also in maintaining a running dialog that lets folks know what’s going on with you. What you’re working on or towards. How past initiatives panned out. What is keeping you motivated.

And like most conversations with folks you know or work with, don’t you want to picture what they look like in your head?

Having a current headshot to use on LinkedIn, Facebook, or your own website helps build that rapport for fostering stronger relationships.

Candace is a connector and a writer. She’s already updated her website with her most recent headshot. If you’re needing to update the content on your website or have been searching for the perfect ghostwriter, I encourage you to click over to her website. Please tell her I sent you. I love bringing my people together and knowing how our lives intertwine and enrich each others.

If you’re not quite ready to update your headshot, but want to learn more…then click the Contact button and start a conversation with Kelley.