Professional Headshots In Canton, GA – Becky Claridy At Alliance Realty

Whether it’s been ten years or two years since your last headshot was made, it might be time to update it now.

What do you think? Do people recognize you when they see you in person after seeing your profile picture on LinkedIn?

If you have changed your hair, lost weight, gained weight, aged a bit and added a few smile lines, or just expanded your resume with new certifications, then it might be time to update your headshot.

Some of those changes may not sound like the reasons you would expect for updating your headshot. But they aren’t bad things.

We all change. We’re constantly evolving and growing. Expanding our skillsets and knowledge base.

Now let’s flip that coin and think about our experiences in working with others. Do you like to know what they look like when talking on the phone with them? What do you think when you see an obviously outdated photograph representing them online? Or worse, a poorly lit or out-of-focus profile picture? Does that build trust and respect?

We have a tendency to be overly self-critical when we might be doing ourselve a disservice by not updating our headshots. We’re missing out on an opportunity to build stronger relationships with clients and vendors by hiding behind an old photograph that is no longer representative of who we are.

Whether you want a headshot made outdoors with trees or buildings in the background, or you’d like to keep it simple with a plain, grey backdrop, give Kelley a call at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta. She’ll help you look your best and feel comfortable in front of the camera.