Professional Headshots In Atlanta, GA For Covenant House – Jillian!

So many think headshots will take up a lot of time. And I can understand why it may seem like that if you’re thinking you need to take time out of your work day to drive across town to a studio for a photographer who appeared in a Google search.

I’ve been there.

I need to stop what I’m doing and lose my focus in the midst of a work day.

Lose my parking space and set my GPS. Wind my way through town. Find parking.

Walk inside a strange facility or studio.

Sit down in a sterile environment and muster up a semi-genuine smile while wondering if my best side is being photographed. Do I even have a best side?

Am I going to look nervous? I feel nervous.

Are we done yet?

I bet I look awkward.

I’m suffering through mindless small talk as I wish away the grumbling of my stomach and wonder if I have enough time to pick up a bite to eat before heading back to my office.

Whew. Headshots are done. That was painful.

Now I can leave.

Drive back across town.

All the good parking spots are now gone. Everyone is back from lunch.

I’m late.

And hangry.

I didn’t even get to choose which image will be my new headshot.


I get it. But it doesn’t have to be like that.


Pear Tree Photography Atlanta routinely comes to you. To your office.

We’ll plan it in advance, from the time and day to the backdrop you want.

Plain studio grey? No problem.

More laid back and secluded brick wall just outside your office? Sure thing.

Let’s get you back to your desk ASAP.

But in the meantime, I promise to ask questions where I’m genuinely interested in your answers.

And make it as painless as possible.

You’ll even get a headshot that you’re delighted to use on LinkedIn.

Contact Pear Tree Photography Atlanta now to set up your headshot session.