Professional Headshots In Alpharetta, GA – Sara F!

30th Mar, 2016Professional Headshot Photography

I get mostly women asking me what to wear for when they are photographed. Both with headshots, as well as couples sessions or moms with upcoming family sessions. My answer is always the same and it also applies to men. Bold, jewel tones. Emeralds, burgundies, a deep golden maize, or even a vibrant azure. They complement almost every skin tone fabulously and are so eye catching in photographs. They draw you in and then your eye wanders around the entire photograph trying to take in every detail.

I love color. In clothing. Skin tones. Hair. Eyes. There are so many fantastic combinations. Wearing white or black has always been a safe go to, but at this point it’s just dated and looks like a past decade. If you’re going to update your headshot, why not stand out? Catch peoples’ attention. It will stick in their memory and that’s a good thing in our world today with how important networking is. We don’t want to be forgotten. We want to be the #1 go to in our industry. It’s job security, right?

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