Professional Headshots In Alpharetta, GA – Kevin R!

09th Mar, 2016Professional Headshot Photography

I think we’ve all been traumatized by bad photography sessions. Either there was an inexperienced photographer taking the picture or someone who ultimately didn’t care about the end result. Both cases lead to an image we’re likely not going to be thrilled with after the fact.

Did you catch that word ‘taking’ up there? It’s a common one when associated with photographs. We’ve all taken pictures. We turn on a camera (or open the camera app on our phone), point it towards a subject, and then press a button to freeze that moment in time. Maybe that word ‘taking’ is the problem with the photographs of ourselves that make us cringe.

I go to great lengths to ‘make’ a photograph. If it’s an environmental headshot, then I’m looking for spots where there is a clean background and nothing will be intersecting with your head. I want the focus on your face, not a flagpole or tree exiting out of your ear. I set up lighting to make sure you stand out from the background. I’ll ask you to turn one way and then another, to see which way you look your best. Some of us have a little neck action and I work to eliminate the appearance of extra chins (I will hurt anyone who takes my picture and posts it on facebook where I’m pulling back and laughing with four extra chins. That’s just not cool.) because no one wants that.

And I’ll spend time talking with you because I truly am interested in you and love learning what connects us and what makes us different. I find it fascinating what lights a fire within and isn’t always apparent with what we see (do you love to skydive? That scares the snot out of me and I will likely take a step back from you in involuntary terror as I marvel that it’s your jam!) or know about each other from online profiles. I rarely spend time on small talk and will tell you if you have something in your teeth, because I’d want you to do the same for me.

What I’ve found is that if we can connect and we each relax a bit, we’ve got a really high success rate at making a headshot that you like and is authentically you. With a genuine smile and that when others see it, they tell you, “You look fantastic!”

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