Professional Headshots In Alpharetta, GA – Kara F!

10th Feb, 2016Professional Headshot Photography

When is the last time you updated your headshot? Is it something you know you should do, but have been dragging your feet to schedule? Do you think that old cell phone selfie is sufficient?

I know most of you out there equate having your photograph made with going to the dentist. I know this because most of you tell me how much you loathe having your picture taken. That you aren’t photogenic. That you’ll break my camera. That you don’t like photographs of yourself.

But here’s the thing. I’m pretty certain most of you have just had bad experiences in front of the camera. Maybe it wasn’t a professional photographer who snapped the shutter (there aren’t may pictures I have liked on my driver’s license or passport). Maybe it was a high volume studio and the college kid operating the camera was more interested in getting bums on the stool and gone as quickly as possible than getting a genuine smile.

Even on days where folks are filing through in regimented time slots, I will take the time to talk with you.
It’s important to me to 1. connect with you in some manner and 2. help you relax.
So you can be you.

I won’t ask you to say cheese because I want a real smile.

Authenticity is important to me. It comes through in photographs and builds trust from others. And that’s important to you.

Contact me now to schedule your headshot session. It will be easier than you expect.