Professional Headshots In Alpharetta, GA – Jane W!

20th Jan, 2016Professional Headshot Photography

I think many people look at having headshots done as being a miserable experience. And it really doesn’t have to be.

I hear so many people tell me they hate having their photograph taken. Or that they aren’t photogenic.

That number is now in the hundreds. You know what? I haven’t found it to be true.

Everybody, when given the opportunity to relax and be themselves, looks great in a photograph.

When given the chance to drop the yearbook photo smile and laugh as we connect…it makes a difference.

Is every headshot made a keeper? Of course not. But those are all deleted. Quickly.

Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta takes the time to help you relax AND look your best while reviewing images and making tweaks to create your best headshot. So you look like you. At your best. Authentically.

Go ahead and reach out to schedule your headshot session.