Professional Headshots In Acworth, GA – Darryl Smith At Century 21

Typically, people want their headshots to be:





That’s the top layer of what is necessary. If we peel that away, the next layer needs to reveal a person who is approachable and confident. If you look more surly than approachable in your image, then you likely won’t garner new clients and it may foster poor impressions.

And then there’s another layer underneath that for how your headshot will be used. Will it be only on your company website? Will it be used on LinkedIn?

Does it need to match existing headshots of your coworkers? Do you need negative space on the side to allow for copy and marketing endeavors?

Whether it’s a studio backdrop or a more relaxed environmental headshot downtown, Pear Tree Photography Atlanta can help you update your headshot. Professionally. Easily. And pleasantly.

If it’s time to update your headshot or you have a new marketing plan, contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta now to start a conversation.