Ashley + Garrett’s Primrose Cottage Wedding – DELIVERED!

There is always so much excitement around giving a wedding day back to the married couple. I am so pumped listening to their wedding music as I go through thousands of images and select THE best ones for telling their story in the way I was hired to tell it.

Authentically. As the day unfolds. Without any orchestration.

Ashley + Garrett’s wedding was no exception. I felt the same anticipation and excitement going through the pre-ceremony images and the not-quite-first-look-but-they-held-hands-and-calmed-each-other’s-nerves moment in the upstairs of Primrose Cottage. I had tears rolling down my cheeks (again) as I edited images from toasts to my couple as I remembered the kind words spoken. And a big perma-grin as I made my way through the dancing photographs.

And then there are the sweet emails that come. Telling me that waiting is hard. Can you share just a few more? How much longer is it going to be?

Waiting IS hard. I loathe waiting. But it’s so worth it.

Ensuring all of the wonderful moments are included. That everyone looks fabulous. That the emotion is there. And the details all captured.

And having this big, heavy box filled with every single photograph always makes my people pause and say, “Wow. That’s heavy!”

I love seeing their reactions as they open up the USB inside of their special wooden box whic keeps it safe.

It feels so good to give back wedding days to my people.
Because these aren’t my stories to hold onto. They are mine only to give back.

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