Photographs Matter – When Traditions Are Born

Last week, I shared a story of dreams coming true for two littles. And maybe for their mom. The photograph was made in a quiet moment in the midst of those dreams being fulfilled and steals her back to the emotions of that moment. So much so that tears seem to come to the surface if she thinks too long on it. Click back if you missed it.

This week, the photograph we see was shared by Dave. He’s a seventy-something and grew up with photographs that were black and white or sepia. He grew up in a world without electronic devices, when kids had free roam from dusk till dawn, and casual attire didn’t mean jeans and a t-shirt.
This is my favorite picture of my dad. I’m guessing this picture was taken 70-80 years ago. Notice how he is dressed. I don’t know if he dressed up to go fishing or to take this picture. We went fishing every summer for our vacation. I started fishing with the family when I was 5 yrs old. We were a family of 7 so everyone couldn’t go fishing. My dad would offer 25 cents to somebody if they would stay in. I volunteered often. I could buy 5 candy bars with that money.
I find it interesting that while this photograph is his favorite and shows off all the fish his dad had caught, at the time he would take the quarter and run. Now, Dave fishes every chance he gets. Spending months on a lake with a fishing rod in hand. And soaking up the hours when his grandkids will join him in the boat.

Come back next Friday to see how the light of heaven seemed to shine on a wedding day, when a woman was missing her own father.