Photographs Matter – A Vacation Of Firsts

I don’t know about you, but I have wonderful memories of childhood vacations. And many of them had firsts. I recall going to Myrtle Beach for the first time with my best friend’s family. Flying on a plane by myself (but still under the watchful eyes of a flight attendant). Playing tennis. Learning how to quilt, paint with oils, build shelves, use power tools. So many good memories.

Here are Liz’s about this past summer:

I absolutely LOVE this photo because of all the great “firsts” it represents! It’s the first time we took a “family of four” vacation. It’s the first time Henry flew on an airplane…. The first time the boys had been to Massachusetts and New York… The first time any of them had been to a Red Sox game… The first time they had been to the Adirondacks, and many more. I love that it captures how much fun we had but most importantly how much fun the boys all had playing together. Every time I look at these photos from the summer it makes me smile just thinking of all the great adventures that lie ahead for the 4 of us!

Photographs are powerful items. They can suck us back into a moment without any warning. See the other posts in this series and what images have pulled on the heartstrings of my people.

Check back next Friday to see a beach wedding and how it brought two families together.