Covenant House Night Of Broadway Stars Private Patron Party

The Covenant House Georgia is continuously working with youth between the ages of 18 and 21 find shelter and services to help them find their families, obtain assistance within their communities for education and work, and become self-sufficient adults. They have incredible sponsors like DeltaTurner, Chic-Fil-A, Equifax, and wonderful individuals like Paul + Carol Garcia, Rob + Chris Cavanaugh, Sandy + Jessica Douglas, and E.G + Marianne Lassiter.

This was a patron party with just under a hundred in attendance for a private performance by Richard Todd Adams/Phantom of the Opera, Rita Harvey/Christine Daee, and Neil Berg/Composer.

Chip + Donna Davison opened their lovely home to these wonderful sponsors, performers, and the youth of Covenant House Georgia on a rainy January evening.

Carlyle’s Catering provided heavy hors d’ouevres and mini-desserts that were absolutely scrumptious!

Prior to everyone arriving, I hung out in Chip + Donna’s finished basement while listing to pre-show banter, vocal warm-ups, and a little impromptu acoustic guitar.

I found a spot in the upstairs balcony overlooking the living room where the Broadway Stars would be performing. Their voices moved the air. It was an incredibly intimate environment which made their voices overwhelming powerful.

Rita hugged Secoyah tightly after she shared her story of strength and overcoming a nightmare of growing up and homelessness.

Rita, Richard, and Neil delighted everyone with numerous songs.

Serious goosebumps were raised being so close to these talented performers.

This was an incredible event with good people coming together for such a worthy mission of helping our local and homeless youth.

And then there were follow-up encores and impromptu singing with the hosts and guests.

This was a fantastic preview to the Night of Broadway Stars that the Covenant House Georgia will be hosting on April 24th at the Buckhead Theater. I can’t wait to document what I know will be an incredible evening.